TexasVanagons Bug Screen - Large

  • $90.00

Mosquitos are my worst enemy when it comes to camping here in southeast Texas. It seems we have mosquito issues 10 months out of the year and these TexasVanagons Bug Screens help keep them outside where they belong.

Adding a pair of these to your van's front windows will keep the bugs out while letting a nice breeze flow through the cabin making your van space much more comfortable.

We utilize top grade materials from Phifer screening to rare earth magnets to help keep the screens in place. There are no holes to drill, snaps to install or velcro to line your doors with. These screens can be placed on any Vanagon immediately thanks to the self contained magnet design.

This LARGE model covers the entire door window as well as the small triangle vent window. This model will not work on your van if you have Truck Mirrors installed.

Phifer Screen Netting:
Offers enhanced view
Provides increased insect protection
Allows more light transmittance
Improves airflow
Durable fiberglass blend

Rare Earth Magnets:
Grade 40 neodymium iron boron material
Nickel plated for a corrosion resistant finish
Pull force is approximately 4 lbs

Canvas Edging:
Classic Bottomweight Canvas
65% polyester and 35% cotton composition

TexasVanagons Bug Screens are sold as a PAIR.