VALPRO Long-Nose Flexible NATO Jerry Can Spout

  • $25.95

Brand: Valpro


  • FIT AND DURABILITY - Our best-selling spout fits VALPRO and Wavian EuropeanNATO-style jerry cans. Built durable by VALPRO in official NATO Latvian factory- NATO military quality!
  • SPOUT FEATURES - Ultra-flex 9-inch long flexible accordion metal spout allows more reach and flex to ensure you get every last drop.Olive Drab Green Finish
  • SMOOTH POURING - Rapid pour internal air vent for extremely fast pouring without glugging. Spend less time pouring, and more time of what you had planned.
  • PRO TIP - If you are seeing leaks, a mis-seated or not-fully-secured spout clamp is often theproblem. To prevent this, be sure to carefully seat andclamp down the spout. For more info read below.
  • SAME AS -This spout is commonly sold under part numbers: GJC007,747.00.00 orGE1002

Publisher: VALPRO

Details: Our best-selling spout for NATO-style jerrycans! If you need a little more reachand flex in your jerry can spout, we have the nozzle for you. This ultra flex long-nose spout by VALPROhas a 9-inch long flexible accordion metal pouring tube that allows you to bend it any way you would like. It is perfect for emptying every last drop.It also includes therapid pour internal air vent, so you can empty your can in seconds. Built durable in the Latvian NATO manufacturing facility and for use with VALPRO and WavianEuropean military-spec NATO jerry cans-NATO military quality! Inolive drab green finish. This spout is commonly sold under part numbers: GJC007,747.00.00 orGE1002. Tip - Proper Clamping to Prevent Leaks:To prevent leakage, ensure you carefully seat and forcefully clamp down the spout on the can during the first few times of use.We'vehad reports of leaks that typically are the result of the spout not being fully clamped down or not seated properly on the can lip when clamped. The spout clamp pin can be a bit sticky when used the first few times (due to the paint clear coat on the edges.) Carefully seating the seal and forcefully clamping spout during the first few times of use will ensure the rubber seal on the spout gets the proper lip impressionfootprint. Also, the clamp pin will be easier to clamp down after first few times of use and with proper seal lip impression footprint.

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 2.6 x 2.2 inches